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My Feed not working

What is the story on me not being able to access My Feed?
All I see are the generic Movies, TV Shows & Movies Coming Soon! No individual movies or TV!
What’s the point of favoriting (following) anything on ROKU if they’re unavailable for me to see?
We have tried rebooting everything, changing to an Orbi router & even had some questionable cabling replaced!
If ROKU can’t even load the new items (I see in parentheses) next to My Feed to display- then the least ROKU could do is make available the entire list of shows & movies I’m following (like Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Starz et al, do – instead of just doling out a few items at a time – if My Feed were working.
I can’t reach ROKU by phone (although support did call me once) and I have been told the issue has been noted & ROKU will get back to me with a fix!
It’s been over a month since I’ve heard anything.
My Feed used to work perfectly, so I doubt it’s an issue with my provider – Altice One (Optimum).
We have 3 ROKUs working & have owned 5. Does ROKU really want us to switch to a competitor?
ROKU certainly doesn’t seem to have any problems billing us for all the pay channel we subscribe to.
Why can’t your customer service be as on top of it?

-Bob Weil

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Channel Surfer

Re: My Feed not working

It is now April of 2021 and I am starting to believe nobody at Roku cares about this problem. 

When My Feed stopped working for me, at first it was a real annoyance but then, like every other problem with my Roku, I got tired of getting nowhere with support and just moved on without it.

Luckily about a month later I got an Apple TV for my birthday and realized how much I learned to put up with from my Roku that was really unnecessary. Like HDCP errors every time an advertisement loads that is not 4k HDR, or having to do a system reset to fix distorted audio in  the middle of a movie. These are each issues that I had corresponded with support about multiple times. I had been directed to purchase sim cards and new cables and each seemed to help temporarily but eventually the problems came back and I just accepted them as part of Roku culture. Then I got my Apple TV and realized how nice it was to have none of those problems! So my 2019 Roku Ultra has spent the last year in the closet. 

Today I pulled it back out because I got a new tv and moved my old one to another room. I thought i might hook up the Roku and use it in there. I updated the firmware to the latest version and waited with great anticipation to see if Roku had cast of any of their demons? NOPE!!!! not a one! The HDCP 2.2 error popped up immediately even though I am plugged into a clearly labled HDCP port on my TV with a cable I bought from ROKU. It took about an hour before the audio distorted requiring a reset. 

But since it has been nearly a year and at least a couple of updates since My Feed quit working surely they fixed that, right. HA! HA! HA! of course not. 

Honestly, with me having this much trouble and getting so little support while having invested in their top of the line player, I can only conclude that Roku no longer cares about selling hardware. They must be now focused on the versions built into TVs like TCL and Ensignia and maybe don't even give a $4&7 about the rest of us anymore.   

Bummer! But I guess I'll check ebay for an older Apple TV. 


Community Streaming Expert

Re: My Feed not working

I've had stuff show up in mine. I didn't really use it that much, so I can't say it always worked, but I do know that I had things show up.

Maybe I'll try it and see. Just got to find something I care about that's coming soon.

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Channel Surfer

Re: My Feed not working too

Like the others here I don't think My Feed has worked for over a year.  Now even if I "Follow on Roku" an actor, a specific movie of theirs and that movie is on ROKU and/or Tubi (2 channels cooperating with Roku or so Roku says), it still DOES NOT show up in My Feed. 

When I first purchased the Roku stick My Feed was fantastic.  Now it is absolutely worthless.

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