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My Feed - TV series never watched, never followed showing a no. 1 in list

A 1997 TV series - "Fast Track" - one that I've never watched (or even heard of) and certainly never followed now persistently shows as the first item in the "My Feed" list.

However, it doesn't show as being followed in any screen - not in "My Feed", not on the "Fast Track" series title screen, not in the Search result screens, nowhere! So I tried toggling in each of these places thus: "follow", back out to main Roku screen, back to the specific screen, "unfollow".

But "Fast Track" still appears at the top of the list in "My Feed", even though it again does NOT show as being followed ANYWHERE, EVEN IN "MY FEED"!

Then I tried rebooting the Roku device after every "follow"/"unfollow" toggle procedure was done once again, but the unwanted "Fast Track" series is STILL first in "My Feed".

I've been using Roku for five years and have never had anything like this happen before. Like a bad dream.

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