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My Feed Isn't Showing Free Versions of Many Programs

There have been many posts over the last few years about incomplete information in My Feed, but I haven't seen any generally applicable solutions. My specific issue is that a number of programs I am following on My Feed area available on one or more channels, but only paid versions are showing up in My Feed. Specific examples are:

You, Me, and the Apocalypse: available for free on the Roku Channel, but this doesn't show up on My Feed.

Wayward Pines and Terra Nova: available for free on the IMDB Channel.

FlashForward: free on the ABC Channel, but no channels appear on My Feed.

Sanctuary: free on 6 different channels, including the Roku Channel. but no channels appear in My Feed.

If I get lucky, I stumble across the free offerings while browsing a channel, or it will show up in a search, but the point of following a show in My Feed is to receive reliable information about where it is available, and to be notified if it becomes available from a new source. I have read in some previous threads the explanation that the individual channels are responsible for seeing that their offerings are listed, not Roku, but note that two of the programs I listed above are offered on the Roku Channel. Surely at least these programs should reliably appear in My Feed.

Is there a way My Feed can be made more reliable? In particular, is there anything that Roku can do to make it more reliable? [I have a Roku 3 (4230X) with software version 10.5.0 build 4208-04, the latest update.]

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Re: My Feed Isn't Showing Free Versions of Many Programs


I think with the many changes Roku is doing, the large amount of content available is just not being synced correctly.

I have noticed that using the Home Screen "Search" feature is also failing to list some of the larger free Channels/apps that a particular movie or show is available through.  Many paid subscription services/options are showing though.

When this occurs, I just check through the Watch to Watch / What's On section on the Roku website which usually yields better results currently. (https://www.roku.com/whats-on)


Usually the My Feed works very well.  But then it starts to have some issues.  Kind of par for the course lately.  Just when something works like it is supposed to, kinda breaks for some reason.

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Re: My Feed Isn't Showing Free Versions of Many Programs

Thank you for the suggestion, AvsGunnar. I tried this with the four examples I gave in my post. The two that are on the Roku Channel turned up, but not the two that aren't. Those two are on the IMDB channel, so perhaps it isn't good about updating its records. I tried several other titles of interest, and didn't turn up anything that wasn't also on My Feed, but this gives me another way to check for titles.

Of course, the idea behind My Feed is that it feeds the information to you, you don't have to hunt for it. I hope Roku is able to make it more reliable.


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