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Looking for thoughts from TCL 6-series users

I’m looking to buy a new TV. Shooting for 65” and I’m not really a fan of built in smart systems, so I’ll be using my Roku regardless, unless I get the TCL obviously. For an OLED set, I’m probably going to get the LG C1. I know it’s a great tv, but if the picture quality of the 6-series TCL is good at slightly off angles and doesn’t have stutter issues in bright content, it’s probably the winner due to price and having a Roku built in. I’m not a gamer, so I don’t need all the hdmi 2.1 ports on the LG, but since I’m using it for movies and streaming tv shows, I do want a great picture quality. Now, can I get the TCL owners’ opinions? Is the Roku software snappy? Can it hold a lot of channels without having to load them? Does it have good sound (particularly dialogue and bass when it’s needed)?

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Re: Looking for thoughts from TCL 6-series users

I love my tcl. Both for picture and sound quality! I definitely recommend it, my best purchase of 2022 this far

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