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Latest updates freezes Roku 4400

Since the latest update my Roku 4400 freezes frequently. The only way to correct it is with a hard reboot. Pull power cord. Is anyone else experience similar issue? This is a pain. Remote batteries are good too. Help!

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Re: Latest updates freezes Roku 4400

we have a roku 3 model 4200X device and have used it for years with no problem. today i turned it on to watch netflix and get a screen that tells about a software update that i have no idea of where to go to get and screen is frozen...cant do or go anywhere. suggestions?

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Binge Watcher

Re: Latest updates freezes Roku 4400

Same here. I had to pull the power cord to reset it.


Thanks, Roku, for locking up our units.  Good job with the quality assurance team out of--what part of the world are they out of again?  Oh, that's right, nowhere.