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JustWatch best with: Amazon Fire or AndroidTV?

Hi All:

i am a happy user of the Ultra 4800R.   recently, i've been noticing that people talk about how convenient JustWatch is.  i noticed that Roku does NOT have JustWatch as a channel, and there's much discussion here about how it seems unlikely that Roku will add JustWatch as a new channel, as there has been no action whatsoever regarding the suggestions by many others.

with that in mind, it seems like JustWatch can ONLY be watched using:

- Amazon Fire

- Android TV

-  Apple TV

I don't use any Apple products, so that leaves Amazon Fire or Android TV.

May i ask the good folks here which of those two would be a GOOD COMPLEMENT to my current Roku Ultra 4800R which i'm happily using?   i would buy the Amazon Fire or the Android TV strictly for using JustWatch, as i enjoy using the Ultra just fine with all my other channels.  I don't mind paying for another device (Amazon Fire or Android TV) because ultimately, the cost of these streaming devices are not that high, so it's ok to buy yet another device.   i have enough HDMI ports because i hook up all these streaming devices to my Onkyo AVR audio visual receiver first, and then from the Onkyo to my projector (merely 1080, as it is an 8-yr old projector).

hope to hear some advice from the good folks here.

thank you all in advance.

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Re: JustWatch best with: Amazon Fire or AndroidTV?

In general, Roku doesn't make the apps. There's not a Roku app for JustWatch because JustWatch hasn't built a Roku app.

Now, to your question specifically: I personally prefer a Google device to the Amazon device. That's because I dislike the Fire TV interface more than I dislike the Google interface. The Chromecast with Google TV is tied with Apple TV as my number two streamer. I don't even have my Fire TV device connected any more.

By the way, I dislike the Apple TV remote, or Apple TV would stand alone as my number two streaming device. You don't need to have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac to utilize an Apple TV. It's a great device, but I prefer Roku to it.

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Roku Guru

Re: JustWatch best with: Amazon Fire or AndroidTV?

I searched for "justwatch" and what I found said:  " JustWatch isn’t a TV streaming service itself, though, and you won’t be able to stream anything from within it" and … " What is it? An online guide to various TV streaming service catalogues"  If true, I don't see why you need another streaming device.  Just select a show to watch and then watch on Roku or whatever streaming device you prefer.

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Re: JustWatch best with: Amazon Fire or AndroidTV?

when you have the JustWatch app on Chromecast with Android TV (the name of the device, yes, it's an unwieldy long name), once you searched and the list of many options of various channels with that show/movie comes up, you just click on the channel you wish to watch it on and it LAUNCHES that channel so you may watch it right away.

if you didn't have the Chromecast with Android TV, you'd have to use a browser to use JustWatch to search, once you find the movie/show you want, you have to look at this list of channel options, you'd choose one of those and then you go back to your Roku and select that channel and then punch in the name of the movie/show.

so it's more cumbersome by far to have to use a browser and Roku versus using Chromecast with Android TV  and just merely click on whichever channel you choose to watch that movie/show you wish to watch.

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