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Reel Rookie

Issues with Auto power savings

Been having issues with the auto power savings since an update last year in 2021.  If you wait 20 mins of no interaction for the auto power savings settings to kick in, the TV and the Roku turn off (Or go to sleep).  Within 20 secs, the TV and the Roku turn back on.   After the power is restored, the Roku device automatically takes you to the Home menu and then scrolls up without human intervention to the Settings menu.  My problem was mentioned in another post, but no resolution was given.  This problem defeats the power savings feature if the TV and Roku keeps coming back on in a looping pattern.  I’m not 100% sure, but it seems to be coding issue used in troubleshooting another software issue.  Makes sense while troubleshooting to turn the Roku back on and go to the settings menu to help a developer out.  Who knows, but maybe the developer never removed this ad-hoc troubleshooting step in the software version I show below.  Note: this issue was present on a few of the “Build Versions” of 10.5

Model:  4800x - Roku Ultra

Software Version 10.5.0 : Build 4208-C2

TV Model: Samsung UN65MU9000


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