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Reel Rookie

Illegal "unsubscribing" in emails?

I've had a 4k Ultra almost since its inception, and today I got an "upgrade" offer ... for a 4k Ultra. Tired of useless emails, I chose the "unsubscribe" option on the email and was directed to a page that said that Roku was glad that I was reaffirming my subscription. I then looked for a way to feed back/contact, and there was none. I even tried contacting via the "account billing" area and it just hung (often companies won't even allow contact unless it's about money).

I have no way to know if that unsubscribe target is a mistake, but there's apparently no way to contact Roku (unless, maybe, you've got the time to sit and wait for a chat agent). I've been a Roku customer for a long time, but the loss of real customer service over time is wearing on me (it's not just Roku, but I'm getting to the point where I'll move to companies who demonstrate real customer service). If there's a way to communicate to Roku that's hidden (i.e. I have to depend on some "secret knowledge" from someone in the community), that's still something that's not readily available to most people - and demonstrates a lack of good customer service.

This isn't a post where I'm expecting a solution; my greatest hope is that someone at Roku (who, I understand, can't change customer service at the company) will see it and log it somewhere. As of today I'll start looking for a customer-oriented company (and suggest to friends that they do the same - with everything) and will ultimately move from Roku to something else. In the meantime, all I can do is block Roku emails since I can't unsubscribe.

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Roku Guru

Re: Illegal "unsubscribing" in emails?

Try logging into your account at Roku.com and unchecking "Emails with product tips, the latest releases, hot new channels, and customer exclusive discounts" in the "Communication center".

I haven't received an email from Roku in some time. 

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