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I really wanted Roku to be my TV solution...

But I honestly can't recommend it. I have had my StreamBar Pro for less than a month - worked perfectly fine until yesterday. I get their "update" and now it has been rendered useless. The bar won't recognize the HDMI port - I did everything everyone suggested - unplugged, replugged, got new a cable, etc. etc. etc. Nothing works. There is no where to get any technical help (except here I guess). I know it's the update and not the HDMI port because I plugged in my Firestick (it works) and an ancient Roku I had from way back in the day and it worked (can't watch anything because it's not longer supported but it worked). I feel like I was scammed. How can an update hose a brand new product like this and there be no where to turn for ACTUAL customer service?

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