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How much memory in Ultra

That's the question, right? How much memory is in the Ultra? In the other Roku products? 

Why did I need an SD microchip in earlier models? Why isn't there a slot in the most recent Ultra? Why is there a BETTER Ultra for sale (in a black box) but no such product on this Roku site?

Does IT have an Micro SD slot? 

The new Ultra I just received doesn't have a slot, so does that mean it can handle whatever I can throw at it if the slot were still available? How much memory does it have? Oh, yeah. There's that question again. 

This is a pretty basic question? It's asked frequently in this community. 

I have yet to see any answer. 


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Re: How much memory in Ultra

Hi @tkbrown,

Thank you for posting in the Roku Community!

We value your inquiry and interest in learning more about the memory capacity of the Roku Ultra (4800x), and we will do everything in our ability to bring you the information you need.

The latest Roku Ultra (4800x), is upgraded with built-in memory for up to 2GB and does not have an external SD card slot. Now, you can add more channels to your device and stream at a faster rate without adding an external SD card.

The Roku has added new hardware enhancements resulting in a faster quad-core processor and improved memory speed. The Micro SD slot used for app caching is now moved to the internal storage.
If you want to watch any content from your thumb drive you can use it with the Roku Ultra

Please let us know if you have further queries. We will be glad to assist you.

Thank you for choosing Roku.

Best regards,

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Re: How much memory in Ultra


The Ultra 4800 actually has 4GB memory, it hasn't got the SD slot like the older version, but I myself am going to soon try out a test with the 'USB slot' that the Roku Ultra does have, as I have a USB with a SD slot on it, so, if you're still active on this conversation, then please let me know by replying and I will give you an update on that test?!

Have a blessed day 

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