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How much memory in Ultra

That's the question, right? How much memory is in the Ultra? In the other Roku products? 

Why did I need an SD microchip in earlier models? Why isn't there a slot in the most recent Ultra? Why is there a BETTER Ultra for sale (in a black box) but no such product on this Roku site?

Does IT have an Micro SD slot? 

The new Ultra I just received doesn't have a slot, so does that mean it can handle whatever I can throw at it if the slot were still available? How much memory does it have? Oh, yeah. There's that question again. 

This is a pretty basic question? It's asked frequently in this community. 

I have yet to see any answer. 


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Re: How much memory in Ultra

Hi @tkbrown,


Thanks for your inquiry.


The latest Roku Ultra (4800x) is our fastest and most powerful player ever with an internal memory of 2GB and without a MicroSD slot. 


Find more info at https://www.roku.com/products/roku-ultra.


We hope that's helpful, Happy Streaming!




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