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How do I see who else is logged into my account and how do I log them out?

There are 3 other people signed into my Roku Home account on their phones and they can watch my cameras. I want to log everyone but me out of my account. I have tried to change my email and password for the account and opted to logout of other devices after doing so but they are still logged in to the account and able to view my cameras at my house. How do I secure my Home App Account and boot the other people signed into it off of there?! This is a serious security issue. PLEASE HELP!!

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: How do I see who else is logged into my account and how do I log them out?


Welcome, and thank you for posting here at the Roku Community!

Rest assured that we'd be more than willing to further investigate your concern, as your security is one of our top priorities. May we know if anyone you know has access to your Roku Smart Home account? In addition, how did you know that three other people are signed in to your account and are able to view your cameras at home? For reference, would you mind sending us a photo/screenshot? Once we have a more precise grasp of the situation, we will be able to recommend the appropriate next steps.

We'll be looking forward to your response as we are committed to finding the best resolution possible.

Kind regards,

Carly Y.
Roku Community Moderator
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Neighbors connecting to my Roku TVs

Even having my Roku TVs to Lan from my secure router with Openvpn and Encryted DNS and MAC binding with mobile and device disabled they are causing disconnects.They have wifi hacking devices listening with a 100 mile range doing DOS binding attacks with phones and a laptops.They grab the Roku wifi signal clone the IP having a network bridge to a router and modem having free internet using the Roku IP.A secure network doesn't protect my Roku devices because there is no way to enter a secure DNS.I am replacing my Roku devices with TVs that are secure.

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Re: How do I see who else is logged into my account and how do I log them out?

I have a similar concern. I recently went through a break up, and she had access to my Roku account. She says that she is not on it anymore, and I have no reason not to believe her, I would just like to be sure. From what I understand the only way somebody can view the cameras is to be logged into the same Roku account as the . On my.roku.com you can see what Roku devices are logged into your account, but it does not show you other devices like cell phones or tablets. I watch my cameras from my phone and my tablet on the Roku Smart Home app, but I can’t find anywhere that shows what all devices that is logged into.

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