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How do I output TV audio from a Roku soundbar?

I’m in a furnished apartment with a Samsung TV, a Xbox Series X, and a Roku soundbar (model 9101X).

Roku set to HDMI 2 ARC but it only seems to output Roku’s audio- no other devices.

**Additional context-

With Samsung TV (UN55TU7000FXZA) audio set to “receiver”, it can output Roku audio. With Samsung set to “TV Speaker”, it outputs Samsung and Xbox audio.

Xbox is set to “Dolby Digital” audio output. 

For non-Roku audio, I go into the TV menu and change the audio output settings each time I turn it on.

Just got off the phone with Roku customer support. Guy on the line told me “If it’s a Roku soundbar then it probably isn’t compatible with other devices that aren’t Roku.” That’s not right, is it? He didn’t even ask for the model #

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Re: How do I output TV audio from a Roku soundbar?

If you talked to someone on the phone I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't really Roku.  Roku support is notoriously difficult to reach by phone, but that's another issue.

The soundbar should work with any TV.  The Roku audio is coming from the soundbar because it's generated in the soundbar and never goes to the TV (at least it doesn't on my Streambar).  I wouldn't think changing any setting on the TV would ever affect that, so if it does maybe it's more complicated than I think.

Looking through the generic looking manual I found on this page I don't see any audio setting for "receiver", but the manual doesn't go into detail about what's available under "Settings->Sound->Sound Output".  There's a whole section on "Configuring advanced sound settings" that you might want to look at.  There's also some tests you can try under "Settings->Support->Device Care->Self Diagnosis->Sound Test".

I suspect it's some setting within the TV.  You could also try an optical connection just to see if you can get any sound out of the soundbar from the TV.

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