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How can a customer ask a Technical Question about a Roku product? (HDMI Power Off)

Because Model 3910RW Roku Express+ with RCA Connector Composite Cable is no longer available,
I am using the Mini HDMI2AV Converter product to provide this connectivity.

I have the following two Roku Players:
Model 4800X Ultra purchased Feb 2022 Version 10.5.0 build 4208-C2
Model 3941X Express 4K+ purchased Mar 2022 Version 10.5.0 build 4208-CR

The HDMI2AV is being powered by the Roku via HDMI cable.
For these two players after about 20 minutes of no usage the Roku Player turns off power for the HDMI video signal.
This is what I need it to do so that the HDMI2AV is not using electricity when not in use.

My older Model 4670X Roku Ultra Version 10.5.0 build 4208-46 purchased Oct 2019 does not turn off HDMI power.
I tried doing Settings->System->System update and this did not help.

Is the power off function being performed by Hardware or Software?

For Roku Website Support I end up at: Agent-assisted support is not available for your issue and/or model. Ask the Community. Does Roku monitor this forum and answer questions like this?


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Re: How can a customer ask a Technical Question about a Roku product? (HDMI Power Off)


I believe it is hardware as only the newer generation of Roku devices that received the 10.5 OS update received this new Power Saving Feature. (like your 4800 and 3941).  Basically the Roku models introduced in 2020 and on.

Unless those with older models that have received OS 11 update can offer additional info (haven't yet received OS 11), I think this feature may be unavailable for older processors.

The Power Saving feature is located under Settings/System/Power on those devices supported.

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Re: How can a customer ask a Technical Question about a Roku product? (HDMI Power Off)

Most ISP's have a data usage cap. Some customers have gone over their data cap. So to help people not go over their data caps the Roku will go to sleep after 4 hours of inactivity. There is also a screen saver function. You can try to disable the bandwidth saver function found in the network settings and disable the screen saver. Roku's do not have an on or off button nor do they just power themselves off. They will however go into a sleep mode after 4 hours. That is the bandwidth saver function. 



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