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Having trouble with full screen airplay!!

okay, so to preface, i’ve used airplay to watch anime on my TV from a website on my phone. it’s worked perfectly before, meaning i can airplay it in full screen mode and it show up on my TV. now, it’s not working. i’m not sure if it’s because i reset my TV, restarted my phone, updated my phone, or what. but now, when i use the same website i ALWAYS HAVE WITH NO PROBLEM, it won’t allow me to watch it in full screen. and this website is definitely airplay compatible. like, it will allow me to screen share my phone perfectly. it will mirror my phone screen to the TV and even allow me to play the video when it’s not in full screen. but as soon as i try to expand the video to full screen, my phone says “video is being played on TV” but the TV shows the airplay set up settings. i’ve tried everything to get it back to how it was before, where i could watch my anime in full screen mode no problem. as far as i know, both my phone and TV are updated all the way and i have airplay set up correctly on both devices. however, any help could go a long way. hopefully this makes sense. thanks!!

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