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Guest Mode on Roku Express for multiple B&B Guests

I'm brand new to Roku. I have a bed & breakfast with eight separate units. They all have TVs (but they're a bit older, flat screen but not 4K and all have HDMI ports). I'd like to discontinue paying for cable and use a solution that allows guests to use their own subscriptions for streaming services. It looks like the Express is the best solution (though I'm open to other suggestions since not very familiar with Roku products). Once these devices are attached to the TVs across the guest units, they will only ever be used by guests to watch their own services so I will never be signing into them with my own account (except for the first time, I presume, to set them up and put each into guest mode). 

Having never used one heretofore, I find the guest mode instructions a bit confusing. First step is "Turn on the Roku device." What does that mean? Isn't the first step to turn on the TV? And I'm presuming that requires using the TV's existing remote, not the Roku remote? So I'd need TWO remotes. I am very concerned that guests will find this awkward, confusing, and will have them contacting staff constantly for help figuring out how to use the Roku. 

I'd love some advice and experience-based comments from others who provide lodging to the public. 

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