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Greek TV by Roku express streaming player HD

Hello you all!
I need your assistance on something. I wnat to buy the Roku TV Box express streaming player HD.

But I want to know if I will be able to watch Greek TV through Roku (I live in Greece). I’ve seen that Roku provides an app store that has a Greek TV app, however will it work? Is it true?

I want it for my country side house that original tv signal does not work.

If somebody knows, please help.

Thank you. #greektv #Roku #HDstreaming

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Roku Guru

Re: Greek TV by Roku express streaming player HD

Greece is not one of the countries where Roku is supported so you will probably be able to watch some things but its difficult to know in advance which specific things those will be.  Browsing through the forum, I see some people complaining that they can’t get some specific channels in Greece but I haven’t seen where anyone has posted a list of channels you can install.

Streaming Star

Re: Greek TV by Roku express streaming player HD

Total Greek app works really well. I use it on 2 devices. Lots of channels.

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