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Email address associated with my Roku

I connected up an old Roku stick to an old TV in the playroom. The remote is not working so I used the Roku app. No problem so far. I wanted rename the Roku from "Bedroom" to "Playroom". Should be easy enough. So I logged in to my Roku account, but alas, it wasn't there. 


So on the Roku itself, I went to Settings>System>About, and there is the current name: "Bedroom", but with an email address that I have never seen before. When I googled that address, it belongs to someone in Montana (I'm in Texas). Furthermore, it shows a credit card ending in 4 digits that I don't recognize. 


I'd rather not factory reset since the remote isn't working. How can I change the email address that is in the Roku itself?? 



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Re: Email address associated with my Roku


I believe the only way is to factory reset the device.  Currently, the Roku is registered to the existing email address, not you.  With some of the much older Streaming Sticks, it is difficult to find the replacement remote (discontinued). 

Even with the newer Streaming Sticks, it is sometimes a better use of money just to purchase a new device than the remote itself.  However, you can look at Roku products page for a replacement remote if you wish to go this route as you are correct that you need a working Roku remote in order to proceed through a Factory Reset.




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