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Cloud Based Media Server For Videos and Photos

I'm looking for the best possible solution for a TV in our lobby to play images and videos in a loop.  Currently we have a bunch of photos on a USB thumb drive plugged into our Roku TV.  We play these using the built in Roku media player and things work quite well.  

I'm being asked if there is any other free way to accomplish this with a cloud-based service.  The thought is that a few people could upload media from any computer on or off the network so the media can be updated.  Right now we have to pull the thumb drive, add/remove content, and then reconnect to the TV.

Any thoughts on doing this?  I know we could connect an in house DLNA media server to stream from, but I'm wondering if there is a cloud-based option that anyone could recommend.  

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Re: Cloud Based Media Server For Videos and Photos

I see this is an older thread. By now it is possible you have looked into Roku Photo Streams?!

 If not: https://photostreams.roku.com/index


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