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Closed captions will not stay turned "OFF"

Closed captions are "ON" for everything . I've checked The ROKU Channel and Discovery+ and History .

I go through settings and switch it "OFF" . Leave settings and go back to any channel and CC is on . Then go back in to settings and shows CC is on . 

Am I doing something wrong ? I've tried setting it to "OFF" 5 times . I even pulled connections to reboot after switching to "OFF" , didn't help . I also checked and ran UPDATE . 

Nothing helps .

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Re: Closed captions will not stay turned "OFF"

Hello @belair55

Thanks for reaching out to the Roku Community!

Please note that most channels and apps contain their own settings and will override the settings in Roku menus. Check inside each channel's individual settings and disable captions in each. Some channels have their own captions settings that are separate from the system settings. Some channel manages their own content programming, including closed captions and subtitles on content. Reach out to the channel If changing the captions on the Roku settings does not resolve the issue.

For full information on this, you can take a look at this link: Turning closed captions on or off 


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Re: Closed captions will not stay turned "OFF"

You can set your Roku's default CC settings via Settings > Accessibility.  The degree to which any given channel app observes the Roku CC defaults varies, however.  Some will honor the default when they start up and some may not.

The Roku default method of accessing your CC option from within a channel is to press the * key on your Roku remote while viewing the program and examining the options presented. These options may vary from channel to channel, depending on which are supported by each individual channel.

But more and more channels are not using the Roku default but substituting their own method of access -- I'm guessing this is so they will make it easier on their support staff by having consistent controls with versions of their app running on platforms other than Roku.  You may find a caption setting in the channel's settings/options menus.  If not, often these options are accessed by pressing the up and/or down cursor control keys while viewing the program to pop the channel's own control options on the screen. 

Changes made within a program via either the * key on your remote or by the channel's own method, whether these settings are saved between programs on the same channel, or held over for later sessions, depends on how the channel's programmers wrote their app. 

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