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Closed Captioning Never Stays On

Trying to watch Roku but NEED Cloaed Captioning. In settings I set CC to be on but then go to show and no closed captioning. I go back to settings and CC is off again. 
How do I get CC to stay ON?

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Roku Guru

Re: Closed Captioning Never Stays On


Apps can either use their own (local/internal) CC/subtitle settings, or they can use the Roku system's global/external CC/subtitle settings.

Apparently the app(s) you are using use system/global/external CC/Subtitle settings, such that if the CC/subtitles are turned off in the app, they get turned off globally (in the system settings, for all apps).

There are also numerous bugs in the firmware/various apps that handle CC/Subtitles that can also cause such behavior, in addition to Roku's poor CC/Subtitle functionality design.

The best you can do is make sure Settings/Accessibility/Captions mode = On always and be wary of turning CC/Subtitles off within an app (try to turn them on in all apps you use) because that may turn off your system/global CC/subtitles settings.

Otherwise, you should contact the app vendor directly via the help/CS and request that they use local/internal subtitles (and not the system/global/external subtitles) as well as Roku and suggest they fix/change their subtitle functionality.

NOTE:  Apps/services that use internal/local (their own) subtitles and subtitle settings have to be configured independently per app, and changes made there do not affect the Roku's global settings, and vice versa.

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