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Can I use an old roku 2 XS remote on a roku express?

I have had the roku 2 XS forever and recently upgraded to the roku express. To be honest though the new remote that came with it is not my favorite. I don't like the channel buttons because the don't have the channels I use on them and I always press them by accident and it takes me to the get this channel screen. But I still have my old remote which I like a lot and I am unable to find out if it is supported. I have also tried some of the ways to pair it but I still can't figure out. If it doesn't work please tell me. Though if it does work please tell me how to do it.

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Re: Can I use an old roku 2 XS remote on a roku express?


The Roku 2 XS remote is Bluetooth, the only Bluetooth remote Roku has used. It only connects to the Roku 2 XS and the Roku 2 XD (which is simply an XS that came with a standard remote).

All the Roku remotes sold today come with the buttons. You may not like what I'm about to tell you, but if you want to use a recent Roku remote and not utilize the buttons, then don't press the buttons.

Or, open it up and manually disconnect the buttons, voiding the warranty on the remote.

Or, find one of the old remotes that came with the earlier devices. Ebay may be an option. Perhaps Amazon. Craigslist. Any place that sells old stuff.

The other option is to get a universal remote from Target, Walmart, Best Buy, CVS, Walgreens, wherever, as long as the remote supports Roku (that will be on the packaging). They're as cheap as $5.

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Re: Can I use an old roku 2 XS remote on a roku express?

You can look for roku 3 RC03 remote on ebay, ity looks like your xs remote but it has one dot under the blue & green keys, instead of two like your xs remote. It also has a headphone jack and volume keys. This remote is wifi and not bluetooth like your xs remote. And there's no discrete channels keys. 

The above remote i'm referring to won't work with first generation of roku express with model numbers 3700 or 3710, they only respond to IR remotes. Later express models can be paired to wifi remote. 

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