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Audio is unusually low on the newest Roku Ultra?

Hey has anyone bought the most recent Roku and notice that the sound (using a soundbar) seems to be unusually low.

I find myself needing to double the sound threw my soundbar to get the same loudness that I can get on my Nvidia Shield.

If it wasn't for testing the audio I can get from my Nvidia Shield, I would have swore that I suddenly developed hearing loss or something. The Nvidia Shield is perfect for the loudness.

I'm wondering if anyone else noticed this and if so, what can be done to correct the loudness on the Roku?

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Re: Audio is unusually low on the newest Roku Ultra?


Not having that device, I can't speak to that issue. But, if this only started recently, perhaps a software update changed a setting or a default in the device audio settings. Note how they are currently set, then adjust the settings to include leveling, and see if that makes a difference.

Of course, if someone else has experience with this, follow their advice first. I'm just taking a shot at a possible cause.

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