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Are all Roku devices ultimately essentially the same?

Obviously some do HD and some don't, some have voice remotes and some don't, etc, but in the end, do they all have the same interface and the same channels and provide essentially the same service, just at varying levels of definition? I have at my disposal a Streaming Stick (3500, from 2014), a Roku 2 (2720, from 2013), and a new Roku Express (3930, from 2019), and I'm trying to figure out if there's really any difference between them beyond HD capability and the Roku 2 having voice search. Is there anything else that would make one better than another? I only have one tv so I can't do a side by side comparison lol. Thank you!

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Re: Are all Roku devices ultimately essentially the same?

They're all essentially the same when it comes to streaming.  All Rokus have always been HD, although there was one or two models that only went up to 720p (still HD).  All of the current models can do 1080p and most do 4k.  Where you'll notice the difference over the older models is speed navigating menus and other UI components -  they just seem snappier.

Differences in models, other than 4k capability, often have to do with which remote it comes with, whether it has wired Ethernet, and maybe audio capabilities (not sure about that).

Of your models, they're all still supported, but the 3500 is definitely outdated and the Roku 2 is pretty long in the tooth.  If you don't notice any difference between the 3930 and the others then I doubt you'll notice a big difference with a newer model.  All Roku models get the same software and have the same channel availability assuming they're still supported.  Your older models may start to have channels they can't support (and may have already) since they don't have the power as the Roku software gets more and more bloated and they try to pack in more "features".

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Re: Are all Roku devices ultimately essentially the same?

Good article on wikipedia with detailed differences (ports, processors, memory, other features)

Roku does provide software updates for a good number of years (better than many phones) but very oldest devices are now unsupported and a few channels are more demanding (e.g. BBC iPlayer, as listed on BBC website).

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