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Apps being automatically added by Roku

Roku keeps shoving apps down my throat by automatically adding them to my apps list.  I configured my account so a password has to be entered before it will add them now but it still tries to add unwanted apps and I have to click cancel when the password screen pops up. If I want an app I'll search for it. Otherwise, Roku needs to stop shoving **bleep** down my face by trying to automatically added them.  WTF is wrong with you people? 

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Roku Guru

Re: Apps being automatically added by Roku

1)  If you have multiple Roku devices, make sure others with access to any of the devices arent adding them.

2) Verify you have no "stuck" app buttons on any of your remotes.

3)  Change your screensaver to one without app ads (that way you wont accidentally launch an app install process when exiting the screensaver) such as the Roku Analog/Digital Clock.