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Reel Rookie


The YouTube app on my tv says that it can’t be reinstalled from my network and to recheck my connection but it’s connected to the internet. I’ve deleted and reinstalled it and I’ve did system update and everything and it’s still not working. HELP!!! 

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Roku Guru

Re: App

FYI, the correct procedure to re-install an app on Roku:

1) Remove the app (Highlight the app, press the Options (*) button on the remote, then Remove)

2) RESTART the Roku (Settings/System/System restart/Restart) <-- MUST DO THIS HERE!!!

3) Re-install the app

(Otherwise, settings/cached data associated with the app are left behind and it wont be a clean re-install)

Known solutions/workarounds for YT app not loading:

1) Change your Theme to the Roku Default (Settings/Theme/Restore default theme) - try again

2) Change your Screensaver to a Roku clock (Settings/Theme/Screensavers) - try again

3) Check for updates (Settings/System/System updates/Check now) - try again

4) Remove YT app, RESTART ROKU (Settings/System/System restart), Add YT app - try again

5) Network connection reset (Settings/System/Advanced system settings) - try again

6) Completely unplug power from Roku for 10-15 minutes - try again

7) Factory reset (Settings/System/Advanced system settings) <--- last resort

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: App

One more question: exactly which model Roku do you have? Not the name, the model number. You can find it under Settings/System/About. 


Roku Community Streaming Expert

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Reel Rookie

Re: App

I figured it out. I messed around with the settings. Thank you though. 

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