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Anyone else regret buying a ROKU product?

Does anyone else regret buying a ROKU  product.  To be fair, my wife went and bought it. You can't modify their hot keys. We have a Global TV one (it's a **bleep** network here in Canada). We could make better use of it with other channels. Also, trying to pair ROKU with our Universal remotes sometimes work, but they somehow "roam" then it disappears when we are able to pair them. Google is so much better, even as a company, they have ethical issues. But then, what large company doesn't. Apple and Microsoft are just as bad. But at least Google is better smart TV designer.

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Re: Anyone else regret buying a ROKU product?

Nope. Love my Roku devices.

You didn't say which model you have, unless "Global TV" has some special meaning in Canada. There's Roku brand by that name in the U.S. If it's a Roku TV brand, you should be aware that the infrared codes for Roku TV devices and Roku devices are different. If a universal remote says it has Roku codes, it will control any Roku box, just not sticks, nor Roku TV devices.

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Re: Anyone else regret buying a ROKU product?

I have a Harmony remote and it is capable of controlling any  Roku that uses infra red. The only reason it won't control the stick is because the stick's connection is by wifi. I never have problem using the Harmony with my Ultra.

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Re: Anyone else regret buying a ROKU product?

when I bought the Ultra it was the only device that was confirmed to work with Xfinity Stream and for 6-9 months it worked well.  I used the Xfinity Stream and Roku Media Player's audio player.  the audio player was very basic, but the one feature I liked was the screensaver.  I had the option of having the Roku Fish Tank screensaver while the audio tracks were playing.

like I said, 6-9 months everything was fine until Roku started a round of enhancements.  first to come out was a new version of RMP.  it crashed and burned and was rolled back shortly after it was introduced.  Roku quickly corrected the problem by reinstating the old RMP.

then Roku introduced the revised updated RMP.  the audio player went from very basic to extremely basic.  my top line problem with it is that the audio player in continuous play mode will no longer work with the screensaver (I say top line problem, because it has many problems).  it stops after playing two tracks.  Roku's "fix" for the problem is "well don't do that'.

and lately I have been having problems with the Xfinity Stream.  it can't seem to connect to recorded programs.

I'm not even going to raise the Xfinity Stream issue with Roku because the answer will be not our product, not our concern.  I will hold Roku's feet to the fire for the RMP because it is entirely a Roku issue.

and then there is the lack of knowledgeable customer support........

my experience went from satisfied to extremely unsatisfied.  so I do regret buying a Roku product.

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