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All my Rokus keep going back to home screen

I'm having a problem. My Roku won't interrupt if we're watching a movie, but if we set it on pause or the movie ends and we leave it on the channel, after about 15-20 minutes it will go back to the home screen. It didn't used to do it. I'm wondering if it's something in a new update and if so, how can I turn it off??

We have 3 Rokus - all plugged into outlets. When we press pause, it used to stay paused until we returned - even a day later. But then one of our Rokus started going back to the home screen several months ago (model 3600RW). We couldn't figure out why - we hadn't changed anything. It's extremely annoying because to get back to the movie we were watching, we not only have to reload the channel but depending on which channel, we might even have to find the movie again AND go find how far we'd gotten into the movie. About a month later, our second Roku started doing this too (model 3910RW). And a few weeks later, our third caved into the peer pressure (model 3900X). If someone can please help us solve this, we'd REALLY appreciate this.