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Airplay not working- pairs, but the roku airplay settings screen pops up

I have. newer macbook air, running the latest Mac Os.

TCL Roku TV and another tv with a Roku Streambar.  all with latest software.

I can choose them on the mac video to stream too, put in the code if needed, screens go black, and then the  Roku "Airplay settings screen" is what comes up on the tv.  Won't play video. Happens on both devices.

I've restarted devices and mac, unpaired/paired, and also restarted my router.

Any thoughts?  I've been able to do this before (although it has never connected that great, but once connected works well) so not sure what's changed.

I really want this to work!

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Re: Airplay not working- pairs, but the roku airplay settings screen pops up

I have this problem or similar ftom my iPhone for long time (and still exists with 10.5) 

anyway for me I found if I put the phone into Mirror mode (even if it is audio only I’m air playing one at TuneIn) then the audio kicks in.  Just found yesterday that I can then turn mirroring off and audio still comes through but that needs further testing. 

Roku Ultra 4660X
software-version 11.0.0
software-build 4193
Roku Media Player 5.5.13
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