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A few questions regarding a Roku Express (HD, not 4K) and the Peacock app

I plan on having a get together with members of my friend circle for Summer Slam. I have a non 4K Roku Express. I have several TVs thought my house.

  1. My Roku is in a smaller room in my home, I want to temporarily out in the living room for the party then when its over move my Roku back. Will this cause any problems?

  2. Is Peacock device locked or just limited to the amount of devices its on at the same time? If the latter I don't see an issue. It would also be the same IP.

  3. The upstairs TV is an older model flatscreen, a PS4 would not work on it, could this be an issue? Its HDMI I don't see why there is an issue with PS4.

Anything else I should be concerned about?

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Re: A few questions regarding a Roku Express (HD, not 4K) and the Peacock app

I can't offer answers specific to Peacock, but I can offer some general knowledge.

  1. No unless there's a Wi-Fi issue.  If the living room is significantly farther from your router or there's more walls between it and your router then there could be a Wi-Fi issue.  Also, make sure you use the supplied power adapter and not the TV's USB port to prevent a problem with the TV's USB port not providing enough power.
  2. I can't speak for Peacock, but usually these channels/apps limit the number of simultaneous users on the same account.  If you stop using Peacock at one location and start using it at another it won't be a problem.
  3. The PS4 issue is a little concerning.  The only thing that comes to mind is that the TV is so old that it doesn't support HDCP (copy protection).

Just try it out before your friends arrive. Smiley Happy

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