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4k Roku stick / google home turn off tv

Im pretty sure this used to work, not sure when it stopped. CEC turned on TV, any net sees the Roku. Seems like all commands work but turn off. I have tried with Roku stick plugged into the wall and powering stick off usb to tv neither work. When I ask Google to turn off the TV, it notices the command and the Roku acts like it’s about to turn off, but it just goes to the Home Screen. I have removed and linked back in google home.

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Community Moderator
Community Moderator

Re: 4k Roku stick / google home turn off tv

Hi @Jdiracer17,

Thanks for your first post in the Roku Community!

It seems like we need more information to understand this better. When did you start experiencing the issue? Have you tried performing a system restart from Settings>System>System restart and then try again to see if you're still seeing the same issue occur?

Let us know more about this so that we can further investigate.

Best regards,


Roku Community Moderator
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