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3 rokus none are working now; my network and connectivity both check green on all three...???

For over a week none of my three rokus work, everything checks as always and the channels come up but the buffer wheel just keeps going around, no matter what channel I select. My router is working; my internet/wireless bill is paid and;  all three auto payments for the use of my Rokus continue to be taken from my bank account so; what gives. I don't have the time to mess with these things. I already have literally spend hours trying to figure this out and I am frazzled! I work every day and all I want is a little tv time before bed. I have antenna tv and I have seen everything there I want to watch hence the purchase of a the Rokus for wherever I want to sit and chill. These Rokus have all been working until about 9 days ago I guess. Not sure since I don't always watch.

Please help with what I have given you to work with since it should NOT be happening and I have covered all the bases before asking for help.


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Re: 3 rokus none are working now; my network and connectivity both check green on all three...???


The use of a Roku is free and never any charges for having or using a Roku device.  You only pay for any subscriptions you may have subscribed to.

What are your Roku model numbers, your router model number, and who is your ISP (internet service provider)?  What error messages are you seeing on screen (009, 14.30, etc).

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