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soundbar, available in Canada ???

I can not seem to find any place to buy the soundbar, is it available in Canada ?

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Re: soundbar, available in Canada ???

Still waiting... 😞

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Re: soundbar, available in Canada ???

@Thalasi @dana1  Thanks for the notes. We currently offer the Roku Smart Soundbar in the US only at this time. We hope to expand our offerings in more locations in the future though! Keep an eye on blog.roku.com for the latest news and product announcements. 




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Re: soundbar, available in Canada ???

Waste of money buying the Roku! Can't buy a wireless soundbar in Canada to use on it. Would have to pay crazy exchange rates to order from the states and I am sure when it comes to Canada the cost would be wayyyyy over priced!  If you sell the main thing in a country sell the add on's! Like I said I wasted hundreds of dollars buying a roku t.v. and will not be recommending it to anyone!