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remote control using a wifi of 2.4 gigs with the brand new roku tv of last years model

my rc 496 remote has an issuse with the headphone jack i have the remote pointed to my tv which is roku brand new tv btw and the remote is new too the issuse is the sound start to crackle after about 5 to 10 minuted of playing regualr sound is it because the wind if interfering with the rf signal for the sound to travel on from the tv to the remote this is a big issuse for me becuase im always having to unplug the headphone jack and re plug it into the headphone jack i notice when its a little windy my remote goes crazy crackling if the breeze is heavy enough it sets off my remote and the thing crackles like crazy or if theres another roku tv with the enhanced remote ariund my apt complex somewhere or if cell phone will interfear too i have the enhanced remote rc496 paired to model 8113x roku tv i belive its last years model i think please help with the remote issuse as im already thinkin to use my cell app for private listening that is the roku app on my cell its way better the software for everyones roku tv meeds to be rewritten its corrupted or missing some line code that compensates for the cable box buffering im having the same issuse on my roku app on my cell phone the tv needs to have the code written to compensate for the boxes buffering thats the whole problem with the remotes dropping out all the time the cable boxes r buffering the signal at different rates and the tv cant handle the signal fluxuations comming from the cable boxes

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