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"Leveling" broken by OS 11

Please return the Volume mode "Leveling" to its pre-OS11 functionality. I could watch all day without having to adjust my stereo volume. Now, I have to adjust volume all the time.

I have to adjust it between live TV channels, Roku streaming channels, YouTube videos (VERY annoying), during movies, during the first 20 seconds of almost every individual video, etc. I'm not the only person with this problem. The Leveling mode was perfect before. Why did you change it?!


7118X (55S515)



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Re: "Leveling" broken by OS 11

I have a 55s425 that used to work just fine until the last OS upgrade. After that my audio options were severely limited. Now there is no tone or leveling control. The only way I could get it to work is to switch to stereo using the tv speakers. I am using my soundbar with a optical connection. Of course this does not allow my Sony amp with surround sound  to work with leveling and that is a huge problem. The ARC connection seems to be the problem output.