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onn. Roku Smart Soundbar (Walmart) and music streaming.

full disclosure, I've used a LOT of Rokus, but this is my first soundbar.  When I got it at Walmart I wasn't really aware of the "onn." brand and their line, so I wasn't aware that this is a somewhat modified version of the Roku Smart Soundbar, at least from what I'm reading here.  Namely, the remote doesn't have a microphone.

What I want to do it go to the Roku with TV on, start the MyTuner radio app (or any other music app), and then turn the TV off to listen to the music without the light from the TV.  When I do this, the Roku turns off, too, all sound stops. 

The Soundbar is connected to the TV via HDMI cable included, I've tried with the ARC HDMI port and a non-ARC HDMI port with the same results.

All the posts that I've searched for in this with results assume you're also using a Roku TV with "Fast TV Start".  I have no such settings with this Roku, and no microphone (which seems to be the rest of the result).

Without the ability to turn off the TV display without really turning off the TV, is there a way to accomplish this?  If not, I don't need the soundbar.



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