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my USB device for pausing live tv not recognized

                           I've been using an acceptable USB device for pausing live TV.  IT just stopped working one day, about a month ago.  It says to plug in a USB.  Tried unplugging several times as well as power cyclingTV.  The message says it doesn't recognize a USB device. Try again.     

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Channel Surfer

Re: my USB device for pausing live tv not recognized

On my Philips/Roku TV the System menu TV Input, "Set Up Live TV Pause" is no longer on the list.  It's gone.  It appears that Philips has discarded that feature in the last update.  Just yet another level of poor support for over the air DTV.

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Roku Guru

Live Pause is the only thing working!

What is going on? I hooked up a USB drive, so that I now have the Live Pause function happening. But now, it's impossible for me to even go the channel I was just on!!  Both back buttons only activate the live pause, neither one goes to the previous channel!  I DON'T WANT BOTH TO DO THIS!  This is the lamest remote control I've ever seen in my life! Still can't believe there's no number pad.... smh

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