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Level 8

found "a" fix for remote volume

ummm... have roku tv and a soundbar.   suddenly both my remote pro and my android roku app would not adjust volume 'but' would turn tv on and off.

went to audio and turned my tv speakers back on....

everything worked.

turned my tv speakers back off....still works...

no idea why.... but if people having problems.... why not give this a try..

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Level 8

Re: found "a" fix for remote volume

more updates....

when tv speakers turned on...the remote volume controls work for my roku tv speakers... but not for the soundbar... sigh

but.....   I went behind and 'unclipped' the wires to loosen them up then unplugged both the soundbar and tv  ....         plugged back up.... volume works.

tcl roku tv 65q82

jvl 3.1 soundbar

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