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YouTube Update on TCL causing issues

After the latest update (sometime in June?), I am having all sorts of issues with the latest YouTube. FYI on 43 TCL TV.

  • After pausing video, youtube switches to the Roku "scrensaver" after a few minutes. After hitting pause to resume, it selects whatever Ad is on the homescreen and tries to automatically "add channel". Well, I just want to watch whatever video I was just seeing, not add channels to TV. You then have to re-open YouTube, go to history and find where you were at.
  • (Same scenario as above): If you hit the "down Arrow" on paused video/Roku screensaver, it goes back to YouTube but instantly shows an Ad. If there is a video with ONE AD, and you happen to pause it a few times, you end up sitting through many ads. I am seeing 5 times the total ads as before.
  • AUDIO: Videos starting up with "sped up audio" for the first 3 seconds. I believe this has already been reported without a fix.

I have put TCL ROKU TVs in every room (x5) because of the great interface and app usage. I have been going back to just using an HDMI input from laptop and running everything on my laptops as 2nd, 3rd, or 4th screen.

It gets annoying 

Level 7

Re: YouTube Update on TCL causing issues

I have observed the same problems too. Upvote.

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