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YouTube TV App Serious Delay in Remote Control Volume Up/Down on TCL Roku TV

I have a TCL Roku TV with the YouTube TV App installed. In the past 3 or 4 months the YouTube TV App has been giving me trouble (recent update, I don't know).  The problem is most obvious when changing the volume on the TV after the YouTube App has been running for about 30 minutes or so, all remote control functions are delayed including Power and Home.  For example, if I change the volume up or down one of two things will happen, either there is a delay of 20-30 seconds before the volume setting display appears, or after about a minute of no response the YouTube App will reboot my TV with no exception error message displayed.

I have been a developer in various languages for many years so I tend to look at the symptom a little differently than the average user. Please excuse me if I go a little too far.

If I were to guess what the problem might be, I would suspect the app has either too many threads running or serious memory leak(s). After about 30 minutes the multiple threads or memory leak eats up so many resources that the remote control functions are delayed. THIS ONLY HAPPENS WITH THE YOUTUBE APP! As a workaround I have to install each channel's app separately (i.e. CNN) and set the source of the app to YouTube, this will work perfectly with no hang-ups. The problem with this workaround is that not all channels available on YouTube have their own app.

I have informed YouTube TV/Google of this problem but so far no response from them.

Knowing Google, I would think that perhaps Google intentionally created an overwhelming number of threads to capture information from my TV such as; what other apps are installed on my TV; how often do I run apps other than YouTube and various other intrusive polling to gain information about my TV that is none of their business. I hope I'm wrong.

I could be way off base here due to the fact that I have no experience as a Roku TV App Developer. Assuming that a Roku App can create multiple threads, and there must be a maximum number of threads that an app can run safely, maybe the YouTube App is exceeding the maximum number of threads thus bogging down the Roku TV operating system and as a result the remote control keypresses are stuck in a keystroke buffer.

Does anyone else out there have similar problems with the YouTube App or have any theories as to what could cause this problem.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.