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Wrong State for network channels

I live in Florida, but my network channels are in Illinois. We do not have an antenna. I have reset everything even reset to the factory settings. I removed It shows the correct IP address, but we still receive the Illinois channels. 


Re: Wrong State for network channels

So I am in Delaware and am having the same problems, I get Atlanta channels.  My problem seems to be more than my roku tv though, all streaming devices (especially trying to watch fox sports) default to the atlanta market and this problem effects my entire neighborhood and others in the same town.  According to some this problem has been going on for 12+ years!  Fox of course says it's an IP problem from my ISP and my ISP says it's fox's problem.  I even find that many shopping sights on-line default to atlanta stores.  I see your original question got zero responses so that's not encouraging.

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