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Re: Wireless Speakers stop Streambar from emitting Audio

If something does not work specifically for you it doesn't make it a "not a good response". There are many users to benefit from the solution posted by @ConfusedGuy-54 

No do not change anything Roku. We now have the option to use Roku with 2 front speakers OR surround sound using speakers as rear option. 

If you want something before an update you can try to revert back to the system sets before the update 🙂

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Re: Wireless Speakers stop Streambar from emitting Audio

Hello Canoopy35,

I agree with you -  my Stream Bar + 2 speakers were all working together just fine for many months until the "update" was suggested & I naturally complied.  After that was complete, the problem started & I even returned my Stream Bar (after an hour of tests with Roku Tech Support) & got it replaced with a new one. The same problem persisted & I was stuck with accepting the 3.0 vs 5.1 audio surround sound explanation that was given to me.  That's when I finally discovered the work-a-round to make the 3-speaker system "think" that it was a full 5-speaker set-up with full surround.  It was the only answer to get the Stream Bar to always work with just 2 satellite speakers.  It may not have been a "good response" but it was the only one that worked without buying more equipment for true surround sound. 

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