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Reel Rookie

Wireless Speakers Availability in Canada

Canadian ROKU Sharp Smart TV owner here. Why are the #Roku TV Wireless Speakers not available in Canada? Will they ever be? If we're going to be locked into one ecosystem then shouldn't the full product line be available? Failing that, can we get a firmware change to allow for non-ROKU bluetooth speaker pairing

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Re: Wireless Speakers Availability in Canada

I have been wondering the same thing. I was planning on buying the new roku streambar but it seems that the accompanying speakers and subwoofer are not available in canada. I'd be more comfortable buying the streambar knowing that I have upgrade options available down the road.

Re: Wireless Speakers Availability in Canada

I need a subwoofer with my streambar! Hope to see this hit Canada sometime soon.

Reel Rookie

Re: Wireless Speakers Availability in Canada

Well... it's now 2022 and still no stores near me carry the speakers or subwoofer, I went to my local best buy and they said I taught them something because none of them knew they were even a thing