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Windows finds every other tv but not my roku

I tried everything, literally everything. Nothing seems to work. I am a tech guy too, I know what I am doing.

I can't cast my windows 10 screen to my 32" Roku. First of all I can't add the tv as a device in windows settings. But I can add every other tv in our house. I am able to add it in devices and printers in control panel but that doesn't do any good. 


The problem is not with Roku either, if there was something wrong with it, I shouldn't have been able to cast my android device to it. But I can.


I've wasted 5 hours, literally 5 hours on this. And nothing seems to be working. I resetted every single setting but nah.


If I don't get a response in 2 hours. I'll break the TV and the laptop together. 

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