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Will this work? Question about new Roku TV and ARC

First post here. Fairly tech-savvy individual who is about to buy a TCL 6 series TV in 65" size to replace existing Vizio. But I want to make sure this will work before I purchase and re-rout wires through wall. I have all Roku TVs elsewhere in house but this is for my basement with AVR and surround sound. This is the room where I watch blu-ray movies, stream movies, good audio, etc. 

What I do currently: 

  • Everything runs through AVR Yamaha receiver and out single HDMI to TV. AVR is controller for all devices. Currently have Roku 3 streaming device, cable, blu-ray player, PS4, Wii, all going into AVR and then out to TV via HDMI. 

What I'm planning to do with new Roku TV:

    • Some devices will run through TV first, then to receiver. Some devices will run through receiver first, then to TV. Never have used ARC before. 


    • Considering running Blu-ray player and gaming consoles into receiver first, then out HDMI to TV. This will keep me having DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD  capabilities. As I understand, if I run these into TV first, the Roku TV cannot send these high quality audio signals over ARC to receiver and will downgrade sound. I want to avoid this. Probably connect all devices to HDMI OUT on receiver and then into TV's HDMI 1 input. 


    • Since new Roku TV will have 4k, I'd like to use this for Netflix and other Roku apps. So this would send audio back to receiver via ARC HDMI 3. 


  • I'm thinking this will get me the "best of both worlds" but I'm not 100% sure. I would just need to change inputs/scenes on Yamaha receiver depending on what I watch. 

Please let me know if you've tried this and if it makes sense Smiley Happy 

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Re: Will this work? Question about new Roku TV and ARC

All the communication between TV and receiver will go through HDMI 1, assuming that's the ARC port. The other HDMI ports on the Roku TV would be for input only, as I understand it. If you are connecting all your external devices through the receiver, all the other HDMI ports on the TV besides the ARC port would not be used.
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Re: Will this work? Question about new Roku TV and ARC

I recommend keeping all connections through the AVR, not connecting anything directly to the TV. That way there's no concern of audio codec support over ARC. This is the way I run both of my TVs that have AVRs attached. Some TVs won't send DD+ or DTS back over ARC or via optical from external devices, so it's always best to connect directly to the AVR. And I'm sure the TV's internal apps for Netflix, Amazon, or any other 4K source will be sent back via ARC without an issue. And yes, lossless audio is not supported by the TV and will not go out via ARC.
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