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Why I canceled my Soundbar Order

This post is more of a "request for future improvements" than a complaint.

I hastily pre-ordered a new Soundbar and Wireless subwoofer.  Its the perfect combination for my living room - except....

1. There is no additional HDMI port.  The first order of business for a soundbar is to turn off your TV speakers.  If that is done, how does an old school DVR pass audio to the soundbar?  What about a Nintendo Switch?  I realize "some" TVs have the ability to pass audio to an external device, but not all do this, and some don't do it very well.  This was disappointing.

2. No Ethernet port.  All my Roku's (six) are hardwired at the TV.  


Both these two glaring issues caused me to rethink this pre-order and maybe wait for future enhancements.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Why I canceled my Soundbar Order

Thanks for sharing your feedback here. We always appreciate hearing these insights from our customers.

To address a bit about the first point you raised, HDMI input devices connected to your TV would be able to pass audio to the soundbar using HDMI ARC. The soundbar also supports audio input using an optical audio connection. Thanks for the interest in adding another direct HDMI input port though.

I'll be sure to pass this along to our team to review. Thanks again for reaching out!

Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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Re: Why I canceled my Soundbar Order

FYI, there are multi HDMI switchers out there. WalMart has one for $30. This adds at least 1 or more HDMI devices to be attached.
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Re: Why I canceled my Soundbar Order

Thanks for the feedback from all...


Couple points:

I am aware of the ARC HDMI (or whatever each brand wants to call it)...

HOWEVER - I am married.

The wife (and I) despise multiple remotes.  I went all in and bought all new Rokus when they came out with the TV power/volume buttons and ditched my "SideClicks".  Without a "Source" button on the Roku remote, I'd be faced with having two (or more) remotes - that's a deal breaker with the SAT (Spouse Acceptance Test).

That, coupled with no Ethernet - well, that was the ultimate deal breaker.


I'll be watching this closely because Roku - you are on to something here!
It's a fantastic idea.

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