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Where is Hisense Roku app to control Hisense R Tv's?

Just bought Hisense Roku R43b7120 UK - all pictures from every source way too green, regardless of Picture Settings.

However a review


sez there is a "Hisense Roku app" with Expert settings for android devices that can control picture details like colour temperature etc

Where can I find the app? or otherwise control detailed settings? Tried Google play - million diff apps for hisense & roku but not the one above.

Thx for any help.

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Re: Where is Hisense Roku app to control Hisense R Tv's?I downloaded the Roku app

I downloaded the Roku App from google play store. The app is by Roku Inc and my version is updated on 15 October 2020. This app has over 10 million down loads.

When installed it allows your mobile to be a remoter for the TV.

When opened it opens on Whats on. At the bottom of the screen there are three options

Whats on

Remote     select this to launch the remote control, I think I had to "set up" to recognise my TV, really easy

Devices is the third option. This is the one you want.

Select this option. IUt should show you are connected to your TV. There are 3 icons.

Remote selects the remote

Channels selects Roku channels you have loaded and an option to Roku channel store

Media options for Music Photos and Vieos to cast to your TV

In the Icon for your TV there is 3 horizontal dots. This is what you need to select. This takes you to a settings menu. Have a look at the options. However, the one you want is Expert Picture Settings. When you select this you will find access to settings that allow you to fine tune.

I'm happy with my TV and have resisted the urge to have a play, there are reset value options if needed.

Have a play and if it does what you want why not post your settings

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