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What remote do I need for my Sharp Roku TV?

I have the Sharp Roku TV model LC-58Q73+.  

It came with (and we still use) the Roku type remote that has NO numeric buttons to enter digits to select a channel.

On power up you are presented with the option to select  1) Satellite TV  2) Live TV  or 3) any one of the many apps downloaded from Roku (YouTube, Pandora, etc....I have 73 of them).

 On selecting Live TV you get the cable channels this campground supplies (60).  By using the UP and DOWN arrows of the Roku remote (which came with the TV) you can eventually get to any channel.  

As a side note, because this has built in ROKU, I now get an additional 200 or so channels in addition to the 60.  Two other TV's in the RV have discreet ROKUs on HDMI ports and do not display the additional 200 channels. When input is changed to CABLE they show only the 60 channels.

My wish is to find and purchase a capable remote with numeric buttons so I can go directly to a specified channel. (4 thru 1160 or so). There are lots of choices of Sharp remotes out there, but, with my luck I'm going to guess wrong and it won't work.  

Can you suggest a model of remote that will do this?



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Re: What remote do I need for my Sharp Roku TV?

Hi @tallpall

Thanks for the post.

Please be advised that remotes for Roku TVs are manufactured directly by the TV manufacturer. You can try contacting Sharp Support for suggestions and assistance. 

For a list of Roku TV manufacturers contact information, visit our Community post here: Contacting Support for Your Roku TV

All the best,

Kariza D.
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