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What is the speed of the Roku in my TV

I have a 5 year old Insignia Roku TV. It is really slow now that it is a drag to use. Our internet connection is slow (DSL ~2mbps) but I am talking loading times, changing channels, etc. I was hoping to upgrade to something significantly faster. I was able to find specs for each Roku that identify the CPU and RAM. 


I figure this is a pretty decent measure of its capability. When I look at the RAM of the Roku TVs they all say 512mb unless you get a 4k TV. There aren't really even any older versions. So does this mean if I get a new Roku TV it is going to have the same processor? Of the two Roku TVs listed one has a different CPU ARM Cortex A55 vs ARM.

Furthermore, even if one of these was clearly the better choice how do I know which RokuTV is which. It doesn't really specify in any meaningful way. I have been thinking about purchasing the TVL Roku TVs for over a year but not sure it is worth it.

I really like having the Roku TV because it enables us to have one simple remote for live channels, streaming and a soundbar. It also gives me the built-in option to pause live channels which I really like although I have to sacrifice the microSD slot which could be used to help store more channels and reduce loading times. But Roku is making it really hard for me to know what kind of product they are selling me inside each TV.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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