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What do I do when my Roku tv has been hacked?

I’m a complete non tech person. My ROKU onn 720p has been hacked via my WiFi. 

How do I fix this issue? Changing passwords isn’t an option due to it being hacked via WiFi & that’s the only solution I can think of. 

Thanks for any help 

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Re: What do I do when my tv has been hacked?

Can you expand on the "Tv has been hacked" issue? how can you tell? whats it ( the TV) doing??

and Hacked by Wifi??

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Re: What do I do when my tv has been hacked?

The TV can't be "hacked". As @Rich_T asked, please be more specific about what's going on.

Roku devices can be controlled via an app on a phone or tablet. But such device would have to be connected to the same network as the Roku. Perhaps what you're seeing is someone using the app to control your TV because they figured out your wireless password. Change your wireless password, then reboot your router to break any existing connections. Once it's back up, connect your wireless devices using the new password, and odds are the person messing with you will be locked out. 


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Re: What do I do when my tv has been hacked?

Mine was hacked too! I cannot access my Hulu Netflix when I want because it says: someone else is watching  it  on their device... I am not Indian and all the youtube searches in the search history are movies in Indian Languages and also Indian tennis. And the free channels have a history of things that I have not watched either. I do not know what to do ... I already changed even my wifi password and ALL PASSWORDS! but still, 24 hours later the same issue is happening. Please help! 

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Re: What do I do when my tv has been hacked?

Hi @P007

We're sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing.

Just to make sure, have you checked your billing statement if there are charges from Roku you do not recognize? Furthermore, could you try performing a factory reset on your device to see if that will make a difference? To do this, please follow the instructions below: 

Perform the following steps with your Roku remote or the Roku mobile app.

  1. Press Home on your Roku remote
  2. Scroll and select Settings
  3. Select System
  4. Select Advanced system settings
  5. Select Factory reset
  6. If you have a Roku TV, select Factory reset everything. Otherwise, move to the next step.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions

For more information, check out this link: How to system restart or factory reset your Roku® streaming device

Keep us posted!

All the best,

Kariza D.
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Re: What do I do when my tv has been hacked?

Thank you Kariza.

I think someone, somehow, was "mirroring" my smart TV ... and it also got linked to my phone etc. I wiped all the information from my computer, phone, Roku and even got a new router with a new IP address and blocked my SIM card and used my PUK code to unlock it, so only I can access it. Crazy how many hackers are out there. Thank you for your suggestions. I have saved them for future use in case I ever need them. Best wishes to you! 🙂

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