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What I Have Learned - Roku Wireless Audio

I'm not currently having any problems; I thought I would share some FYIs on some things I have discovered about various aspects of Roku TV & audio, in case it might help someone else.

What I have:
• TCL Roku TV (40S325 40 Inch)
• Roku wireless speakers
• Roku wireless subwoofer (recently acquired)
• Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen)
• Wireless network

Biggest learning points:
• Connecting the Echo Dot to play through the Roku TV.
o My Roku TV doesn’t have a dedicated audio input (but see note below about using AV input). If yours does, the issue, of course, is solved.
o You can connect the Dot via Bluetooth, but it’s flaky enough to be troublesome. Also, there is quite a delay in Alexa’s response coming through the speakers.
o If you have CD-quality streaming (I have Amazon HD), connecting via Bluetooth becomes all but unusable. I think the extra bandwidth needed for HD sound overwhelms the Bluetooth signal, and it drops out frequently.
o Best to connect directly to the Dot’s physical output.
o Since my Roku TV has no dedicated audio input, I used the audio female phono jacks on the AV pigtail provided with the TV for VHS and older DVD players.
o That presented this problem: The TV doesn’t detect a video signal, so even though the audio plays fine, it is apparently a passive act on the part of the TV, and it will time out and go into power save mode and the music dies, because the TV doesn’t realize anything is playing.
o Solution: In Settings, turn off power save mode. Then, set a screen saver (I use one of the floating clocks) to keep the AV widget screen from etching. (I didn’t think etching was a modern problem, but I read otherwise.)
• Subwoofer placement
o When I first got the subwoofer, I placed it to the right of the large cabinet that holds the other stuff. There was a rocking chair (with a solid wood side panel) on the other side. When I first listened to it, it wasn’t very good. I heard what I perceived as over-modulated or ‘whiney’ midrange creeping into the subwoofer.
o I moved the subwoofer to the other side of the room where it had more room on the sides and now it sounds great.
o If you can swing it, get the subwoofer. The wireless speakers are quite good by themselves (I used them that way for a year and a half), but the subwoofer makes quite a difference.

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Re: What I Have Learned - Roku Wireless Audio

I should clarify that when I mention "audio in", I'm referring to "analog audio in".

Also, the "AV" widget might also be known as the "VCR" widget, depending on the display theme you're using.

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